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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Hello everyone and welcome back to a new exciting school year. 

We would like to introduce our Year 1 team:

Class Teacher - Mrs. Dakin

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Murphy


This half term our focus will be on helping the children transition from Reception to Year 1. This will involve extending the number of whole class teaching inputs within a day. The children will continue to be supported with small teacher-led directed group work, while also having opportunity for practical learning with teacher-initiated activities. Over the weeks, we will reduce the amount of child 'free' time.


Our history topic this half term is about toys from now and then. We have an exciting educational visit on Thursday 4th October to the Museum of Childhood. We will be able to explore all the toys in the museum and also we have the opportunity to take part in a workshop to experience and play a variety of different toys from when our parents and grandparents were young. You can help at home by talking to your child about what things were like in the past and specifically what toys were like. Discuss what they were made of and how they worked. If you have any old toys that your child can bring in to show and talk about, then we would love the opportunity to see them.


In Science we are learning about Animals. You can help your child learn at home by discussing with your child: the names of a variety if different animals; identifying what animal group they are part of; and identifying whether they are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore due to the food they eat. You could do this when you and you child visit the park, farm or zoo or even when watching TV, looking at books or playing with small world toys.


In Numeracy, we are starting to use a new scheme called White Rose. This helps us deliver 'small steps' of learning to ensure that pupils develop a secure and in-depth understanding of learning targets. It also enables us to build in reasoning and problem solving in Maths. This half term we are focusing on place value and working with numbers up to 10.


In Literacy, we have started by focusing on the alphabet. You can help at home by ensuring that your child can SAY the alphabet clearly in order and that they recognise, say and write letters names. It is also useful for them to be able to match upper and lower case letters. We will then move on to word and sentence building skills by writing labels and captions. This will require pupils to use their phonics knowledge to sound out to spell. You can help at home by encouraging your child to segment sounds and then use their phoneme-grapheme correspondence to write words. Using phonics mats will help with this. After this, we will focus on stories with repeated sentences and develop our knowledge of key words. This will help us write our own page for a story we have read. 


However, we have lots more exciting learning than this.

Information for parents


Our Year 1 'Meet the Teacher' session is Friday 21st September at approximately 3:20pm. Please come along to find out a little bit about learning in Year 1.


Homework -    Literacy is given out on Tuesdays              (due in the following Monday)

                         Numeracy is given out on Wednesdays      (due in the following Monday)

                         Creative is given out on Friday    (due in different times, depending on the task)


Reading - Pupils will receive two books each week. They will have these changed the following week, if it is clear that the pupil has read the books and has practised them lots. It is important that they are using a range of reading skills: recognising key common words; using phonics to sound out; recognising similar rhyming words; using picture clues along with initial letter cues. Pupils should be able to talk about the story showing good understanding. Discuss the characters, setting and events with your child. Ask children to: link the story to events of their own life; predict what might happen next based on events that have already happened; link the title to events; and think of a different ending for the story, for example.


Visit and sign up for free to access lots of online Oxford Reading Tree books. This will be a great resource for extra books at home.


Flashcards - If your child has been given flashcards with common words, please ensure you practise these daily, so that they recognise them on sight. They will be tested each week. If they recognise the words well, then more will be given to learn.


Phonics -  It is important that you help your child to keep practising their recognition of phonemes. This should be done as isolated sounds, but also by recognising within real and pseudo 'alien' words to blend and read these. Later this year, Year 1 pupils will undergo a Phonics Screening Check (Week beginning 10th June 2019) to read 40 words: a mixture of real and pseudo 'alien' words. The pupils must be able to 'sound-talk' each word and then blend accurately to read the word.


Educational Visit - Museum of Childhood: Toys on a timeline  - Thursday 4th October