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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Hello Everyone!  We would like to introduce our Year 1 team:

Class Teacher - Mrs. Dakin

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Murphy


Our main cross-curricular theme for the first Spring half term is about Traditional and Fairy Tales. This will include: reading various different tales in Literacy, then writing our own tale; learning about castles, kings and queens of the past in history; considering materials that are used to build castles and also those materials mentioned in traditional tales; creating a 'junk model' in D&T of a castle or cottage and creating an illustration of a fairy tale in Computing using a Paint program. 

Our RE learning for the first Spring half term is about the story of Moses and the Exodus story. We will be considering the 'Big Question': How are we loved by God? 


Our main theme for the second Spring half term is 'Out of this World'. This will include reading fiction texts in Literacy which are based on fantasy stories with characters such as aliens, monsters, witches, mermaids and others. In History, we will learn about a significant person from the past: Neil Armstrong and find out how he links to 'Out of this world'. In Science we will continue our materials work and in RE we will focus on the Liturgical season of Lent and build up to Easter.


If your child has anything which links to any of these topic areas that they wish to share, then we would love to hear about it.

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