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OLOL Virtual Sports Day




If we can’t have sports day in school, we will bring it to you!  



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If you are at home, you can choose which day to have your sports day.  If you are attending school, you will come to school in your PE kit on your allocated day.


Year 6 - Tuesday 7th July

Year 1 - Wednesday 8th July

Reception - Thursday 9th July



There are 6 events to complete and 2 bonus events.  Simple instructions are listed below and   full instructions with scoring can be downloaded through the link.  


Please fill in the 'activity tracking sheet' and email your results (between 08/07/20 - 09/07/20) to:

Bronze = 5 points

Silver = 10 points

Gold = = 15 points



 You have to be in it to win it!  


Parents, you too can help to earn points for your child/ren's house groups!  Send a photo of your participation and/or have a healthy lunch or dinner to earn those extra points!

Pictures will be posted to the website!  



You can have three attempts at each event and select your best score!



Event One:   How many times can you pass they ball around your waist in 60 seconds?  If you don't have a ball you can use a ball of socks or a teddy!


Event Two:  How many times can you throw a beanbag/ball/teddy into a hoop/box/basket in 60 seconds?


Event Three:  How many times can you jump over a pillow/cushion in 60 seconds?  


Event Four:   How many times can you throw a ball/socks/teddy up and clap once before catching it in 60 seconds?  


Event Five:   How many times can you tuck your legs into your chest (sitting position) then extend them out in 60 seconds?  


Event Six:   How many times can you step up and down on a step in 60 seconds?  



Bonus Events


Bonus Event One:   How many star jumps can you do in 60 seconds?  


Bonus Event Two:   How many single socks can you pair up and throw in a box in 60 seconds?  


Bonus point 1:                        

A picture of you eating a healthy lunch - 5 points


Bonus point 2:

A photo of your parent taking part - 5 points

Activity Cards and Activity Tracking Sheet

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Still image for this video

Still image for this video

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Welcome to Reception's socially distanced Sports Day! We had great fun working in our house teams to earn lots of points by completing some fun activities, alongside each other in our bubbles. Remember, we can still earn more points for our teams if parents join in too!

Easter Time and the Paschal Candle

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A lovely video from Fr David explaining all about Easter time and the Paschal Candle.



To all our lovely children...


As you know, we have found ourselves in a very unusual situation and everyone is doing their best to support one another. 


You will find lots of activities to do within your class pages and your teachers will continue to update them regularly.  However, please do not worry or get upset if you are not able to get everything done, we know that sometimes you might not be able to access the websites, sometimes you will have to help around the house, sometimes your mums and dads may have to concentrate on their own work and will not be able to help you, and so there is no pressure on anyone to do absolutely everything, all of the time!  There may be some days when you just read a book, listen to an audio book or go for a walk (with an adult/following government guidelines, of course!) and that is absolutely fine. 


Just remember that every child in the country is in the same position as you and as soon as schools reopen we will resume schooling.  In the meantime, just do your best, make use of the resources being made available and make sure you enjoy finding out new things, whilst practising the old.  There are lots of life skills you can learn whilst at home too and I am sure your families would appreciate all your help with those too, e.g.  washing up, laying the table, hanging out the washing, cooking, cleaning...the list is endless!  


We are missing you all but please look after yourself and your families, be kind, stay safe and keep smiling.  We look forward to welcoming you back to school as soon as we can.


Mrs Hood   :-)