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This week we will be revising Phase 5a and 5b before moving on to phase 5c

Please also help your child to recap the spellings for the last two weeks - you could have your own spelling test or write the words in full sentences. 

.many, laughed, because, different, any, eyes, friends, once, please, water, where, who, again, thoughts, through, work and mouse.


Warm up : Play some of the allocated activities games on Bug Club









ActivityComplete the 'Phonics Screening' activity  

Select Y1 Phonics Check option.










Around the world - Exploring South America

Today we are going to explore the continent South America.



Can you locate South America on a world map?

There are many different countries in South America. Have you travelled to any?

Play game: How many countries can you name in South America?


Activity:  Purple mashSouth American countries - Can you name some of the countries in South America?


Brazil is a country in South America.  

Click on the links below to find out more about Brazil and some of its features.




ActivityPurple Mash – All about Brazil  

What interesting facts can you write about Brazil?  Which animals live in the Amazon Rainforest?

What can you tell me about Christ the Redeemer statue?  Which countries surround Brazil?


ChallengeMake your own Rain Stick Musical Instrument

Imagine you are in the Amazon Rainforest! Can you follow the instructions to make your own musical instrument? 







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Picture 2










Pentecost People 

Pope Francis - a person living the Spirit of Pentecost


Read the sayings by Pope Francis below:


He said… ‘love your neighbour and be kind to people who are lonely or have problems.’

He said…’do not bury your talents.’ He said…’talk to God the way you talk to your parents.’ 

He said…’show God’s love to the world in your happiness and courage.’ 

He said…’be generous.’ 

He said… ‘help one another.’ 

He said … ’we are one single human family.’ 

He said … ’listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.’


Activity: Choose one saying from above. Copy the saying and then draw pictures around it, showing 

how people in your family try to live by this rule. Why do you like it the best?






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