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Phonics & English






Warm up : Phonics Play – Flashcards & 

Sentence Substitution

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On Thursday, we will be planting one of the fig cuttings from my garden (which we were observing as part of our science learning) into a pot in the KS1 playground as a reminder of our time in Year 1 and the 2020 lockdown journey. To go with this, we are going to make fig leaves and write our memories and experiences on them.  We will display these around our new tree.




Activity: Create a mind map of special memories from Year 1 and things you have achieved or are proud of.  

Think about: 

  • Your favourite trip/topic/activity
  • Something you are proud of - maybe you found something hard at first but now you have mastered it?
  • A special memory - this can be a memory of something special outside of school
  • Something you made or created during lockdown - cooking/designing and making
  • Something you enjoyed in lockdown - speaking on zoom with friends?


Today you are just making notes - tomorrow you will select 4/5 ideas to write in full sentences - using because to explain why.












Warm up: Play Shark Numbers 






Play: BBC Bitesize Quiz



Activity: Complete the activity sheet below






Thank You God


As we come to the end of our wonderful time in Year 1, let us look back on all

the activities we have enjoyed, and the time spent with friends and give thanks to God.



Dear God,

Thank you for all our friends,

Thank you for all the lessons we have learned and for all the games we have played,

for the stories and poems we have heard and for the songs we have sung.

Please watch over us and keep everyone safe and happy in the summer holidays.

We thank you for the warmth of the summer sun that brightens our lives.

May that warmth be forever in our hearts.



Activity: Can you write your own Thank You Poem?  

Talk with your friends about which activities and games you enjoyed the most.  Then write about them, giving thanks to God.


Enjoy singing this song: If I were a butterfly, I thank you Lord for giving me wings.