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Partnership with Parents

Open days are held in the Autumn Term for parents and children who are due to enter full-time education the following September. During the open day, they meet the Headteacher and other staff and are shown around the school. Parents are given the opportunity to observe the school in action. Information is shared with parents through discussions, photographs and displays.


Once places have been offered, parents and children are invited to a coffee afternoon. The children and parents visit the Reception class and are able to spend time exploring the classroom and meet the Reception class teachers. They are given our School Prospectus, information about the school and an induction pack. The induction programme is outlined and explained. Parents’ questions are answered and they can look around the school.


On these occasions, the following areas are highlighted:


  • partnership with parents
  • home school agreement
  • attendance
  • punctuality
  • appropriate clothing including school uniform policy
  • school rules including behaviour policy
  • school routines including homework policy.


In the Summer term the Reception class teacher will visit the children in their pre-school setting. It will be a chance for the child to meet their new teacher and for the Reception class teacher to meet their pre-school teachers and discuss the child’s progress. Documents will be requested from the pre-school on the child’s development within the Early Years Curriculum. Our Lady of Lourdes will arrange the meetings with the pre-schools and inform the parents on the appointments made.


The Reception class teacher and teaching assistant will make an appointment for a home visit. It is a chance for the parents and teachers to chat together about the child and to answer any questions and discuss concerns.


Teacher/Parent consultation evenings are arranged twice a year – one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term. The purpose of the first meeting is for parents to make contact at an early stage with the class teacher to share information and set targets.


In the Spring term an Open Evening is arranged to give parents the opportunity to view their child’s work in the company of their son/daughter. Following this, parents have a follow-up appointment to discuss progress and future targets.


If at any time parents are worried or concerned about something and would like to talk to a class teacher, this can always be arranged.


All class teachers are available at the end of the school day or an appointment can be made at the office.

The Headteacher