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Pastoral Care

We have qualified First Aiders in the school. They all care for the children who become sick or who suffer from minor accidents. All accidents are logged in the accident book and children are given a sticker to acknowledge they have had first aid. In the case of a head injury all children are treated with an ice pack, and closely monitored. They will also be given a sticker to let parents know about the accident. The School has a welfare room, with a child’s bed where a child who is unwell can rest or sleep until collected by a parent. When children are ill the School will call the listed emergency contacts and ask for the child to be collected.


It is essential that the School has an up-to-date record of all numbers including work, home, mobile and a name and number of another contact in case we cannot contact the parents.


If a child is unwell, he or she should not be sent to school. In the case of diarrhoea and/or vomiting, a child should remain at home for 24 hours after the last attack. In the case of any illness which could be infectious parents are asked to contact a doctor and keep their child at home for the recommended length of time. If an infectious illness is confirmed by a doctor, the school should be notified. If a child suffers from a long term illness e.g. epilepsy, asthma etc, the Headteacher is informed.


If a child has an accident which requires more than simple first aid he or she will be taken straight to hospital accompanied by the Headteacher or in her absence a member of the Leadership Team or a trained first aider, and parents will be contacted immediately.


The school should always know if a child is having medical treatment. In the event of a doctor prescribing medicine to be taken during the school hours, parents are asked to notify the school and arrange for times to come and administer the medicine to their child (this should be during the lunch and morning breaks). Staff will not administer routine medicines. In the case of children who have allergies and need to be treated for an allergic reaction, staff who have been trained will administer the necessary medicines and follow the plan that has been written in consultation with the Doctor, parents and school.

If a child is on daily medication parents are asked to arrange a meeting with the Headteacher to discuss their medical needs.