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Welcome to Reception's Class Page



Welcome all to Reception's Class Page! 


Our unit for this half term is 'growing and changing'. The children will have opportunities to look at different seeds, bulbs and plants and explore how they grow. We will also be focusing on life cycles. 

Texts for this half term: 

1. The Big Book of Plants (non-fiction) 

2. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle 

3. A Seed in Need by Saviour Pirotta

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle 

5. Chicken Licken (link to the arrival of the chicks) 

6. Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson 


During this half term, there will be a focus on Phase 3 sounds. 








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We recognise this is an extraordinarily challenging time for millions of families and the disruption to schooling is (and will continue to be) immense over the coming weeks and months. We simply hope that our small gesture will give Schools and Families a little bit of fun and educational value at this difficult moment.

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Monday 30th March

Phonics - watch the alphabet song and the 'th' video again. Think about some 'th’ words. Play the 'th' interactive game (link below) and look through the 'th' pack, completing the activities. You do not need to print the booklet, please work through on the screen. 


Maths – This week, there will be a focus on counting on. This will include children rehearsing counting from any given number which will support addition. (You don’t need to start counting from 1!)

Write numbers from 0 – 20. You can use your number line to help with this. Circle the teen numbers. Choose 5 numbers which were tricky. (You may want to encourage your child to choose 12 and 20 – these are often confused.) Write these below and try and find that many objects around your home. (colouring pencils, pasta shapes, counting cubes, toy cars, leaves from the garden)

Rehearse counting these with 1 to 1 correspondence. You can record what you have collected in your books if you like!


Story time – This week we should have been enjoying welcoming our baby chicks. Listen to the story of ‘Chicken Licken’.

Make a list of the names of the characters in the story.

Tuesday 31st March 

Phonics - Bug Club: Sing along to the alphabet song. Watch the video of things with the 'ng’ sound in them and then continue to read words with the sound. Children can use their pink books to write a string of 'ng' and then draw and label 5 things which have the sound 'ng' in them. (Some suggestions are thing, ring, wing, sing, long, tongs.) 

Encourage your child to spell these words by recording the sounds they hear. It's OK to spell it wrong if it is phonetically correct. Explain to your child, once they have finished writing, that the word is not written the way it sounds and share the correct spelling.

Last sound in this set everyone - then we can have a whole new set of reading books. Remember to read the books on Bug Club so you can earn points and access the games area! Keep up the good work! 

Computing – Make your own maze game for friends and family to play at home by logging in to purple mash. There is an instructional video if you need it. This can be found in the top right corner of the page.

Create a maze where your player needs to find the gold coins you allocate. The red characters are baddies.

Talk homework – After watching the Chicken Licken story again, discuss what the children notice about the characters in the story. (names rhyme) Can you make some rhyming strings? (cat, fat, mat, pat, sat…)

You can discuss, record, make some rhyming paper chains or posters.

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