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Warm up : Phonics Play – Flash Cards Speed Trial-  Revise all Phase 5

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Warm up : Today I would like you to think again about our time together in Year 1 and what you are looking forward to in Year 2.


Your teacher will be Miss McGarry and your TA is Mrs Murphy.


I have attached a 'Spreading my Wings from Year 1 to Year 2 Booklet'  for you to complete.  There is an additional 'End of Year Booklet' if you would like to do this.  They are very similar so no need to do both.








Warm up:




Activity:I would like you to think about intervals of time.  What can you do in a second?  What can you do in a minute?  What can you do in an hour?


There are a few different activities to do below - have a look through and see which one you want to do.







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