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This week we will be revising Phase 5a (new graphemes) and 5b (alternative pronunciations) before moving on to phase 5c (alternative spellings).


Please also help your child to recap the spellings for the last two weeks - you could have your own spelling test or write the words in full sentences. 

.many, laughed, because, different, any, eyes, friends, once, please, water, where, who, again, thoughts, through, work and mouse.


Warm up Phonics Play – Tricky Words: 

Remember to sign in with Username: march20 - Password: home





Watch: Click through to either Ash's Phonics (new graphemes) or Scully's Phonics (alternative pronunciations) and select a video and activity for something you want to improve your knowledge of.









Challenge: See the 'Optional Activities' for printable revision materials.  









Warm up: Play Hit the Button - select any category. Why not challenge yourself today? 


Play one of the allocated maths games on Bug Club.




Watch: White Rose Maths Teaching Video


Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11th May) Lesson 1


Some of you will find this lesson easier than others.  Once you understand the method (focusing on making ten before adding more), you can apply it to larger numbers - making up to the next whole ten before adding on.  We have covered this previously in class with our red tens frames.  It's the first steps in partitioning.




Activity: Complete the allocated activity on Purple Mash – 







Challenges: If you would like to do more work with your child, you can complete the activity sheet next to the videos (verbally, on paper or by writing over the PDF file) and access additional lessons on BBC Bitesize.













1) Listen and enjoy the song ‘La Famiglia Dito’ 





dito Famiglia | canzone per bambini | italiano dito famiglia | Finger Family | Little Treehouse

dito Famiglia Canzoni per Bambini, la Miglior Collezione di Filastrocche e di Canzoni per Bambini, con tante fra le tue canzoni preferite per bambini! Speria...

2) Watch the video La Famiglia di Peppa Pig. Pay attention to the words and repeat them after the speaker.

La famiglia di Peppa pig

video primaria