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Warm Up: Phonics Play - Planetary Plurals




Watch: Espresso Video (Optional - play the two activities under the video)






Read through your mind map from yesterday.


Choose 4/5 of your favourite things to write on your fig leaf.  Think about how you can use because to explain yourself.  For example; I am proud of myself because I couldn't ride a bike at first but now I ride my bike most days in lockdown.  I was very proud when I made a cake with my family.


Write your sentences neatly on the fig leaf template and colour in the leaf.  Take a photo and email it to school no later than Wednesday 8th July so that we can laminate and display it with the rest of the class.









Warm up: 



Watch: Espresso Video - Time 




Play: Espresso Activity - Time 



Activity: Complete the activity below













Summer Art – Water



Hooray! It’s summer and when the weather is warm, many of us like to cool down in a swimming pool.  Today we are going to try and paint our own swimming pool in a similar style to the British Artist David Hockney.  He painted a swimming pool called ‘A Bigger Splash’ in 1967.





Who is David Hockney?

How to paint like David Hockney:


Activity:  Can you create your own summer outdoor swimming pool painting inspired by David Hockney’s painting?


Think about:  

How many shades of blue will you use?  How will you make these different shades?

What other colours could you add to the pool?  Will your water be still or rippling?

What else could you add to your painting?  Who dived in the water?  Who was sitting in the empty chair?



Optional Activity: Create your own masterpiece!