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Warm up: Phonics Play > Acorn Adventures: Select an option to play


Remember to sign in with

Username: march20

Password: home





Watch: The Leopard's Drum Video again to recap the story 





The Leopard's Drum Full story

Activity: Create a spider diagram with words and phrases to describe Achi-cheri.  What other facts about a tortoises can you include?


Write the appearance in one colour and the characteristics of Achi-cheri in another colour.







Warm up: 





Watch: White Rose Maths teaching video





Year 1 - Week 9 - Lesson 3 - Comparing numbers

Activity: Complete the activity sheet.  You can do this by writing on the PDF file online, printing and writing on the worksheet, talking through the questions and writing the answers on a piece of paper or completing a selection of the questions on Purple Mash.  


You can take a photo of the work or attach the PDF and email it through Purple Mash if you prefer this option. The video to show how to write on the worksheet on a device is located in the 'Optional Activities' section.










Play: Trees Quiz






Activity: Have a look back through all the activities that you have completed about trees.


I would like you to choose two different trees and compare them.


You might like to include information on:


Shape and size

Deciduous or evergreen

Leaf comparisons

Seed comparisons

Bark comparisons


Your own opinions about which you prefer and why.


You might be able to find out other facts such as which sorts of animals and insects like the trees or make their homes in them.