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Year 1



Welcome to Year One


Here are some of the main websites that we will be using for our home  learning.




angel Try your best, help your parents and keep well! angel


Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our

Year 1 Birthday Girl


We hope you have a lovely Day!

Dance along at home ...

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Year 1 Home learning!


Dear Year 1


I hope you have enjoyed your home learning this week - I'm extremely proud with how hard you have worked.  Your dream gardens were so beautiful - what a delight for me to mark! 

I'm very proud to say that almost all of Year 1 completed all the learning tasks this week and so many house points were awarded blush.  You truly are a hard working bunch and a real pleasure to teach heart.


Next week is half term so there won't be any home learning.  If you create or do anything special that you would like to share, you can email me a picture through Purple Mash or via the school office.


​​​​​​​Have a lovely time with your families!


Best wishes

Mrs Kyriacou













Activity 1






Activity 2






Activity 3


Bug Club






Please use this timetable as a guide only. 



If you would like additional challenges, please see the 'Optional Activities' section.


Week Commencing Monday 18th May 2020


Optional Wellbeing Activities


I have attached the a Meaningful Action Calendar that you can use with your family.  Make sure your get permission from your parents before you do any of the activities. 



I would like you to think about all the actions of kindness that you have seen or experienced during your time away from school.  It could be a mixture of things you have done and those that other people have done. Choose an activity to complete:


  • Create a spider diagram of all your ideas.  You could keep this as a reminder of all the kind acts you have seen.
  • You could create a colourful poster of a particular act of kindness.
  • Write a letter or make a card to say thank you for someone who has shown you kindness.
  • Create a rainbow mobile to hang in your window and write acts of kindness on each of the colours.


Remember to take time out, relax and be happy.  

Do things you enjoy and be kind to others.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Week Commencing Monday 11th May 2020



Week Commencing Monday 4th May 2020


Please read 1 book a week on Bug Club.  

If you have finished your allocation for the half term, please go to your library and reread the books.  Rereading helps to build fluency and deepen your understanding of the text.








The Year 1 Team



Class Teachers - Mrs Kyriacou (M, Tu, W, Th) & Mrs McLachlan (F)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Murphy









   Dates for your Diary




Please check the School online calendar for all dates. 



Parent Information




Homework -    Homework is given out on Fridays and is due back the following Wednesday ( unless stated otherwise).


Reading Books - Pupils will receive two reading books each week.  Please sign your child's reading record each time you hear your child read a book.  A list of 'high frequency words' are in your child's reading record and we will highlight some for your child to learn to read from memory.  Please ensure you practise these daily, so that they recognise them on sight. They will be tested each week and, if they recognise the words well, more will be allocated.


Additional reading books are allocated on Bug Club.  


It is important that pupils are using a range of reading skills: recognising key common words; using phonics to sound out; recognising similar rhyming words; using picture clues along with initial letter cues. Pupils should be able to talk about the story showing good understanding. Discuss the characters, setting and events with your child. Ask children to: link the story to events of their own life; predict what might happen next based on events that have already happened; link the title to events; and think of a different ending for the story, for example.


Visit and sign up for free to access lots of online Oxford Reading Tree books. This will be a great resource for extra books at home.


Phonics -  It is important that you help your child to keep practising their recognition of phonemes. This should be done as isolated sounds, but also by recognising within real and pseudo 'alien' words to blend and read these.



Curriculum information




















Year 1































Year 1

































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