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Year 3

 Autumn Term 2021


Class Teacher: Mrs Rawe

Teaching assistant: Mrs McDonagh



I hope you had a restful summer break.
We are happy to back in school with fewer restrictions,
and are hoping for a safe and healthy school year.


In R.E. we are reflecting on HOW we know about God. Our vocabulary will include: God, YHWH, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Exodus, trinity, monotheism, scripture, revelation, creation, human experience and tradition.


We will be reading Stone Age Boy in Literacy and basing our work around the text. 


In Maths we are working with ones, tens and hundreds - and even thousands!
Later in the term  we will be adding, subtracting and multiplying.


In History and Geography we are looking at the changes in Britain from  the Stone Age to the Iron Age, making cave paintings and simple pots. Our vocabulary will include:

axe, spear, hunting, gathering, furs, bone, jewellery, technology, druids, Skara Brae and Stonehenge.


In our Science lessons we will explore what is under our feet: soil, rocks and fossils.

Our vocabulary includes: soil, clay, earth, crust, mantle, core. We will be designing and carrying out fair tests on a variety of rocks.


In RHE we will be thinking about rules and behaviour in school.



School email is:



You can log in to TEAMS here.

                                                                                         Best wishes, Kim Rawe         


Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Still image for this video
Do you recognise where I filmed the school sections?

Useful links


You still have access to the Oxford Owl eBook library.
hese are the books we use in our reading scheme.

1. Children visit:

2. Click on 'My Class Log In'

3. Username: olol year2    Password: Lourdes2


Discovery education website - you took your log in details home 


Hit the button


Punctuation games


Ordering and sequencing numbers


Reading games


Purple Mash - you took your log in details home

Have you practised on ttrock stars  

Can you catch up with Balazs' score?