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Year 3

Monday July 13th  

                Hope to see you this week in school.


             You guys have been AMAZING: getting so much work done over the last few months.

             Your parents have been FANTASTIC  in helping you read the web site, get the work done, and upload on Purple Mash.


             I am THRILLED that you kept going from March through to July.

             I am privileged to call you my class.


             You can do anything you choose to do in the future.


Happy  Birthday Caelan 

Friday July 10th  

                R.E.: in the story Jesus told in Matthew Chapter 13, birds could come, be safe and make their nests in the huge tree.

                                      Jesus's love is a safe place for us to be. We can make the world better for other people too.


             You could make a bird being happy and safe for your R.E. topic.

                                         (If you want pieces already to cut out see below CHOOSE PAGE 1 or PAGE 2) or just make your own.


        Geography: find out 6 facts about Sir David Attenborough.

                                 Can you watch any films or programmes about David Attenborough over the weekend?


        Geography / Art: Look at these trainers – can you see the 4 forest animals on them?

                                 Draw a t-shirt, shorts, dress, skirt, hoodie (below) or trainers
                                                                    and design your own rain forest clothing.


           Thursday July   9th


           Geography: Watch this - filmed in South America - video from the Amazon Rainforest 


            What did you HEAR?

            What did you SEE?


              Choose ONE animal, bird or insect.

                (Scarlet macaw, Giant armadillo, White lipped peccary, Leaf-cutter-ant, Spider monkey, Squirrel monkey or Howler monkey
              or something else ? )

              Research information oabout them.

              You could fill in a FACT sheet like the one below, or copy and paste the questions into your Rainforest Book.

                                                                                            You'll need 2 pages!


Name of my animal:

Latin name:

Countries it lives in:

Habitat: does it like to live in water, on the forest floor, in the under storey, in the trees, or even higher?

How does it move?

Does it like to burrow, fly, swim?

What does it like to eat?


Picture of the animal:

Other facts:


       Maths: sometimes watches and clocks don’t have numbers on them! What do we do then?


       Watch the video - it should take you to a quiz too !

        Finally: fill in or copy the work sheet THURSDAY unlabelled clocks

Wednesday July 8th


           Watch the daily news clip on Espresso - go to Key Stage 2 then Daily News.


            Remember to keep going on ttrock stars   


                 Have you been on Bug Club this week ?


                               Tuesday July 7th

            Wow !! So great to see you on Monday afternoon xx


            In your diary say what you enjoyed about seeing some of the children in your class on Monday.


           What have you enjoyed about lockdown?

            What are you looking forward to as lockdown ends?

            What are you looking forward to when school reopens?


           Any other thoughts welcome...


                   Water Safety: read the Beach Safety powerpoint.


                                       Now try these questions - may be in your Purple Mash Diary.


                                       Use words from the question in your answer:                                      

       If you go to the beach this summer:

          1 Name something you can do to protect your eyes.

          2 What should you drink lots of?

          3 Name two creatures that you should be careful around in the sea.

          4 Who patrols the beaches?

          5 What do they do?

6 What should you wear when playing water sports?

7 What colour is the flag that means the area is patrolled by lifeguard and is safe?

          8 What colour is the flag that means danger?

                  Monday July 6th  


        Maths: try Purple Mash 2Do Maths games.  am pm          12 to 24 hour clock 

                                            Quarter to                        5 minutes to

                                                Time: quarter past       Time: quarter to

                                                5 minutes past            Time mixed a / b / c


            Geography: what food do we eat that comes from rain forests?

                                            Type: food from rainforests kids

                                        Make a list.

                                        Find some pictures of the foods.

                                        Make up a party menu ONLY using rainforest foods!


        Geography: explorer Dr. Julian Bayliss is a Geography teacher at my old university.

                                                                    He wanted to explore the Lost Forest of Mount Mabu.

                                                                    He asked people who live near by to help him.

                                               Watch the video they recorded.


            Pretend Dr Julian Bayliss wrote to you to ask you to help him explore the Lost Forest of Mount Mabu.

                                               What would you write and tell him he might find?

            You could start your letter:


Dear Dr Julian Bayliss,


I would love to help you explore the Forest because . . . . ..

We might find  . . . . . . . on the forest floor and . .. . . in the Under storey.

You might see . . . . .  in the canopy.

If you climb up to the emergent layer you could find . . ..

I look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,


 . . . . .


            Can you catch up with Balazs' score? Or Jasmine's score?


Still image for this video
24 hour numbers


Still image for this video
AM in the morning PM afternoon and evening

time MONDAY minutes to

Still image for this video

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Still image for this video
Do you recognise where I filmed the school sections?

We acted out our Palm Sunday scripts the last week we were in school