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Year 3

                         Half Term            


             May 31st will be the day we celebrate Pentecost. The week before Pentecost is our Half Term holiday.

           No school work for a week!  You can still leave messages on Purple Mash or through the school office.


           I am enjoying writing your reports this week and thinking about all your brilliant achievements this year.
           Stay safe until we all meet again!


             Amazing!! Balazs, Christian and Jessica are among the winners

                                   of the Marble Run Competition in Enfield.


              The teachers and staff reading aloud their favourite stories are now on a different page.


            J. K. Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter stories has started a competition.

                                    Each day she will put up the next chapters of her story the Ickabog for you to read.

                 The competition is open for children aged 7 to 12!

              Read the chapters each day and her suggestions for what you could draw or paint to illustrate the story.

              You should let your imagination run wild!

              Your grown up must enter your artwork on the publisher’s own competition website.

              All the competition rules, guidelines, entry requirements, opening and closing dates and details of what you can win
              are available
on the publishers’ website too.

              When the book comes out in November the winning pictures will be in the book!

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Still image for this video
Do you recognise where I filmed the school sections?

                     Last Week                        

        Remember to exercise to get your brain working: Joe Wickes body coach


            See the daily news clip on Espresso - go to Key Stage 2 then Daily News.


            Daily times table practice on ttrock stars   


        Maths: weigh the ingredients and follow the recipe below (see Extra documents).

                                   When we made these cookies in school this week,
                                   one child had to leave out the chocolate - he was allergic to it - and they still tasted great!

            Could you add red food die and cut them into flame shapes?

            Photos always appreciated !


            Literacy: write about any 2 days of your holiday in your diary.


        R.E.  if you missed your RE Assessment yesterday, Please complete it today (see yesterday)


              More R.E.  watch Father David talking about Easter and the Paschal candle


         Thursday May 21st


            If we were in school we would do our R.E. Assessment now.

            FIRST read the Thursday Pope Francis word document further down this page.

                                 NEXT find your 2Do where you write about what Jesus wants us to do.

            LAST write TWO examples of something that Pope Francis does that is like what Jesus wants us to do.


            Your work about what Jesus wants us to do was amazing - I copied loads of them to show Mrs Payne!!!


            Maths: I have made a 2Do on Purple Mash Fraction Equivalence Quiz


                                      OR go to Home, then Mathematics, then Topics: Numbers, then  Activities: Fractions,

                                              click on Fraction Equivalence Quiz


    Wednesday May 20th            

        Maths  Purple Mash 2Dos "Fractonio's Pizzeria" - start at "rookie" level at first


        R.E.  read the document Wednesday Pope Francis.

                                 Popes, like queens and kings, can choose an official name.
                                 Pope Francis liked the name because Saint Francis was kind to people and animals.


                                       Find your R.E. work on Purple Mash 2Do. Copy and paste the writing and add the words.


1. The real name of Pope Francis is  J _ _ _ _     M _ _ _ _     B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   .

2.  Pope Francis comes from A  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . No other pope has come from the Americas.

3.  He said g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  should help poor people.

4. Pope Francis wanted to live in a flat where  p_ _ _ _ _ could come in easily.

5. He eats in the common  _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _  with everyone else.

    He said people need taking care of, not being told what to do.


        Tuesday May 19th

            R.E. find your Purple Mash 2Do R.E work about Easter, Pentecost or what Jesus wants us to do.

                                 Look up The Kid's Britannia Encyclaopedia and Kids Quiz.


            Copy and paste these sentences and find the missing words:


1. The leader of the Catholic Church is called the P _ _ _

2. The pope is the bishop of the city of R _ _ _ .    

3. He is also the ruler of the tiny country in Rome called V _ _ _ _ _ _  C _ _ _ .

4. Jesus put P _ _ _ _ in charge of the church when he was alive. Catholics call Peter the first P _ _ _.       

5. The word pope is Latin for f _ _ _ _ _.  


Can you draw or upload a picture of Pope Francis, or the pope's flag with 2 keys on it ?             


        Italian: Mara Di Mauro says complete the “Wordwall family”
                                 and play the interactive activities -Attività Interattive on the right side.


          Then watch the video La famiglia di Peppa Pig


          Next find the worksheet Italian

             It has questions to ask

             Then characters to cut out and stick on the family tree.


              Monday May 18th

              R.E. find the document R.E. Matthew

                              Jesus sent his Holy Spirit so we can live like Jesus. Find your Pentecost (or Easter) 2Do work.

           In Chapter 6 of Matthew what four things does Jesus tell us to do?


                              Jesus wants us to g _ _ _ , p _ _ _,  f _ _ _ _ _ _  and  f_ _ _ _.


           In Matthew 25 just before he dies, Jesus tells all his followers a story about a king.

                              The king rewards his people for doing six things.

                              The people say "we didn't do those things to you".

                              The king says "you did them for other people".


                                     Jesus is like the king; he wants us to do these things.


          Jesus wants people to feed the hungry,   _______ the ______,    ________ the ________,

                               ________the ________,   _________ the _______   and _________the _______.


          Do you know anyone who does some of these?


          If you can add a picture of someone being kind.


            Extra: please check you coloured in the aeroplane, and completed last week's work

Roman Rescue - Chapter 12

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Charlie gets put on 'vomit' duty!

We acted out our Palm Sunday scripts the last week we were in school