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Year 4

crying Welcome to Yearcrying


Class Teacher: Mrs Watters

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Giacometti and Mrs Parperi

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Castagnetti and Mrs Sterlini


We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break and are ready for an exciting Spring term! 


Spring Term Topic:

Year 4's topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians which will infiltrate through our History, Literacy and Art / Design Technology lessons. We are all extremely excited about our visit from Portals to the Past to lead Ancient Egyptian workshops all day on Tuesday 28th January 2020. We will have a chance to explore Ancient Egyptian life, Maths, artefacts, Mummification and the burial process.   


English homework given on Monday - due Wednesday

Maths homework given on Wednesday - due Friday

RE/Creative/Other homework given on Friday - due the following Tuesday

Continuous Work:

Please continue to practise spellings (overview is saved on the website) and times tables regularly.

Children should be reading with an adult at least twice per week to practise decoding and comprehension skills.

Please regularly use the online reading portal Bug Club as well as Timestable Rockstars and My Maths (see website links below). 

Home Learning  angel

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year 4,

Here’s a little extra work for you, if you have time:

1. Antarctica is the only continent without any cases of Corona Virus.

   What are the other continents of the world called?

2. What do you know about Antarctica? Watch the following clip and see how much new information you can learn:

3. There is some challenging vocabulary in the clip so have a notepad with you, whilst you watch it, so you can jot the tricky words down. Use a dictionary afterwards to search and learn the meaning of any new words.  Ask an adult to help with spellings but make sure you look up the words independently (if you can).


Don't forget to keep up your hard work on TTRS today - HOUSE POINTS will be awarded for all who log in and play! 


Tuesday 31st March 

Well done my TTRS superstars - you're currently second place as of this afternoon. Keep practising!  cheeky

Hello Year 4, I hope you're all having a good start to the week. Well done those of you who have already completed some of your My Maths and Purple Mash work. Please see the OLOL inter class TTRS competition above. Log in to TTRS as much as you can this week - any game type - and let's see whether Year 4 can come top of the school with your super timetables skills. I know you all love a TTRS challenge so best of luck and, no pressure but, let's see if we can beat Year 5! laugh Mrs Watters heart


Week Beginning Monday 30th March


Hey Year 4,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m really missing you all and look forward to hearing your news when we’re back together again! Please try to get through the work below throughout this week. I’ll be checking in regularly to make sure you have been working hard especially on Purple Mash and My Maths. Well done all who logged on to complete all their work last week.

For now, this work is to last you until Friday but come back and visit this page daily as I might add tasks, comments or useful website links.

Make sure you continue to participate in a Joe Wicks’ workout each morning or visit one of the active websites above to keep fit and healthy. Don't forget to leave me a message on Purple Mash when you 'hand in' your work and let me know how you're doing!    Check your computing 2Dos work from last week for comments.

Please save any details you need from last weeks work on this website as I will delete it soon. 

Take care. heart Mrs Watters x


Reading: Please log into your Bug Club account and read one of the books I have allocated you: 

Discuss the comprehension questions with an adult and answer the comprehension bug questions.

Continue to read your own chapter book at home or visit to check out some classics.


Grammar: Please attempt Harry’s Party on Purple Mash (which has been set as a 2Do for you):


The activity asks you to consider singular and plural possession. Please check you’re making correct use of the apostrophe. We have covered this in our Grammar lessons in class but you might need to review this knowledge with an adult.

Make sure you ‘hand in’ your work once you’ve finished. Leave me a message once you ‘hand in’ your work and let me know how you are! I will mark this work so please check my response.



  • Please practise your timetables daily on TTRS: Try to challenge at least one person from Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 once this week.
  • Log into My Maths and tackle the: Time 2 and Time and Timetables tasks.

        Log in details for My Maths are on your log in sheet – remember there are two stages to logging in.

  • Also, attempt the Fraction Wall and Fraction Bar activities on Purple Mash which have been saved as 2Dos on your Purple Mash account. Remember to ‘hand in’ your work once you’ve finished.



You have been set a 2Do on Purple Mash asking you to write an informative piece about our vital organs (check the red 2Dos section once signed into Purple Mash).

You have a key word bank and pictures you can drag onto your information text.

The following website will help with the information you add onto your information text:

Feel free to find your own information too either using books, websites or speak to an adult at home. You could use some information from the Espresso ‘Bodies’ section you were asked to visit for Science last week.

This work will count as one of your written tasks this week so make sure you take your time to make sure it reads well and makes sense.



You have been set a ‘Sequences’ 2Do on Purple Mash – go to your red 2Dos section at the top of the page once logged in.

The activity asks you to create a spreadsheet to help predict a sequence. I have saved a PDF lesson overview in the ‘other’ section on the website below the work from last week. If you follow those steps, it should all make sense.  Don’t forget to ‘hand in’ your work once you’ve finished.

You can also watch a clip which explains how to set up the sequence by searching ‘sequences video’ when signed in and on the home page on Purple Mash. 



Check out the Picture News section below. Have a look at the WC 30th March Picture News Activity document and choose one of the activities to complete this week.

You could try:

  • Thinking of an activity that makes you feel positive – tell someone about it. See writing template.
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member telling them what you’ve been up to. Communicating with our loved ones makes us feel positive. See letter template.
  • Research a period in time where communities have had to come together e.g. WWII. Find out when it happened, what happened and what people did to work together and help each other.


Don't forget to ask an adult to test you on your final week of spellings for Spring 2 on Friday (length, strength, purpose words).



Continue to watch the Espresso Daily News clip by logging into Espresso and searching for ‘daily news’. Make sure you keep up to date with what’s happening in the world.


Jessica, I loved your news update on Twitter last week - very impressive news reading skills! Keep up the hard work. laugh


Italian (see resources in the Italian section below):

1). Song ' La Danza della Pace' Melecanterine'


2) Card Buona Pasqua 2020


Parents, if you are experiencing any difficulties with any of the activities, please email the office ( and I will get back to you as soon as possible.