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Year 5

Weekly shout out 06.07.20


Good morning Year 5!


I hope you had the most wonderful weekend; I cannot tell you how excited I am about speaking to you on the TEAMS calls on Monday and hear all of your exciting news. I have been really impressed reading all of your special memories of your time to date at OLOL, they really were wonderful! I have attached the home learning for this week.


The English task this week is to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Hood to apply for a Year 6 job. Please think about all of your wonderful skills you have and how you can transfer them to the job that you would like. I have listed the jobs below and the applications need to be emailed to the school office by 12pm on Friday 10th July 2020. Due to current social distancing guidelines, some jobs may be altered in how they are carried out. Good Luck!


Year 6 jobs


Head Boy / Girl

Deputy Boy  / Girl

Hall Monitor

ICT Monitor

Plant Monitor

Infant Playground Buddy

Lunchtime Monitor

Wet Play Monitor

PE Monitor



Catriona Greek Mask

Catriona Greek Mask 1

Home Learning 29.06.20

Good morning Year 5!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am so excited about seeing you all very soon and to hear all of your news. Thank you to all of those who took part in the TT Rock Stars competition to help our class. A special mention goes out to Zoe who topped the leader board in our class. You are doing great work and many of you are still managing to complete the work set; keep trying your best, you are doing a great job.  You all gave some really excellent advice to the Cyber Bullying task. Please do try and log into Bug club and complete your reading task set.


I would like to wish Fabio a very happy birthday for Sunday, we will ensure Happy Birthday is sung to him on the class' behalf. 


Lastly, but very important - please all take a moment to recognise the new Champions of England......



I hope you all have a wonderful week xx

TT Rock Stars Update


Good morning Year 5!


WOW! I can see that you have managed to see the message  about the new TTRS competition this week. Well done to those of you who started playing yesterday!  Remember the competition runs between 2-7pm every day this week., log on and play as much as you can and practise your times tables but also help our class!


A special shout out must go to Zoe, Joseph, Rafael and Fabio who are all leading the way for our Year 5 class. Let's all support each other and try our best to get to the top! We are currently 2nd behind the current school champions - we can do this!!!



TT Rock Stars competition

TT Rock Stars competition 1

TT Rock stars competition

Weekly Shout Out 22 / 06 / 20


Good morning Year 5!


I hope you had the most wonderful weekend? I cannot wait to hear what you have been up to. Your work last week was of the highest standard and I am so proud of what you all continue to achieve, I have really enjoyed reading your work on Ancient Greece; did anyone complete a Greek Mask?  Keep up the hard work as there is only 4 weeks until the Summer  holidays and I really hope we will see each other before then, Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages telling me what they have been up to , I love hearing your news. The good news is that I am still on track for the Couch to 5K challenge - what have you been up to?


Exciting news!! Tomorrow begins the beginning of London Rocks 2020 Maths week on TT Rockstars! Everything that you do counts from 2pm - 7pm everyday; at the very least, let's take back our crown from Year 4 who were amazing in the last competition!


There are more details to follow! Check in every day on the website for updates! I have every faith in you! I will also be posting information about some of the exciting websites our fellow Year 5's have been creating"

Weekly Shout Out 15.06.20


Good morning Year 5 !! I really hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the sunshine? Olly and I have had a wonderful weekend, we played cricket in the nets and have begun the Couch to 5K challenge... its exhausting but we are not giving up! It's been wonderful to see how much you have been up to and to hear all of your news. I am so very proud of you for continuing to carry on with all of your hard work!


I have been working with the Key Worker group which has been great fun and we held a mini Olympics and made Greek masks this week! Olivia has also made a Greek mask and is about to paint it! 5 HP for an extra challenge this week if you make an awesome Greek mask and send a pic to the office @ OLOL.


I cannot tell you how much I miss you all ; you really are wonderful! The Home Learnig is attached below, I hope it is enjoyable... nearly as enjoyable as The Premier League being back this week ad Liverpool almost about to win the league!!


Miss Kelly heart

Greek Masks

Greek Masks 1

Weekly Learning 15/6/20

Keeva's amazing plants!

Keeva's amazing plants! 1

Weekly Shout Out


Good morning Yr 5! 


I really hope you have had the best week and weekend. Welcome to the weekly shout out;  I am at school with the Key Worker group everyday which is really great fun. Olly and I had a great weekend, we played cricket in the nets and went on a really long bike ride. I hope you all still appreciate the news as much as I love hearing about your news! I am so excited about being back at school and I hope that we will all be reunited very soon as I miss you all very much! I cannot tell you enough how proud I am of you all for continuing to complete your work , trying your best and letting me know what you have been doing - it's the most uplifting thing to hear your news!


So, exciting things that our class have been upto recently;


  • Keeva has Sea Monkeys - I am so jealous as I have always wanted then!
  • Catriona has had an awesome sleepover in the Shed!
  • Luca B is a biking expert and loving potatoes!
  • Olaf saw a badger and 2 pheasants on a walk in the park with his family
  • Alexi is very excited about the Premier League returning and Liverpool winning the league
  • Amelia loved the currency match up work!
  • I saw Olivia outside school as she was picking up Tristan - she has been keeping up her recorder lessons -it really made my heart happy and swell to see her!
  • Lianna has been baking lots!
  • Sienna's caterpillars are cacooning!
  • Noella has been on Disneyquest
  • Eve has been making more cookies
  • Peter created an awesome Greek Menu and yes, we have the pens!


I'm not sure if your parents have Twitter but if they do, you will see some awesome work by Fabio, Harry and Joseph. They made amazing Greek salads from scratch and also Greek pottery!


Check out the Home Learning this week; We are reading the Adventures of Odysseus and the exciting things he did. Research something about him and let me know what you have found out! I have also updated your Bug Club books x


Sending you all huge hugs!


Miss Kelly x heart





Summer Term 01.06.20


Good morning Yr 5! 


Wow, it's been a whole week since I've spoke to you all. How has your half term been? Olly and I have been on mega bike rides, taking inspiration from your baking recipes and taking on daily challenges.... I can now do 56 kick ups!


As some of you might be aware, some children will be returning to school from today; whilst you won't be, it's important for you to know that I miss you very much and I can't wait to see you very soon. I have set this week's learning below, try your best to complete it. I am back in school this week but would love to hear your news and I will make sure I get back to you all.


Sending love to you and your families,

Miss Kelly heart

heartDaily shout out 21.05.20


Good evening Year 5, how has your day been today? We have been at school and been kept very busy making candles. It was so hot today that we had to resort to using a hose to cool ourselves down. It’s been wonderful to continue to hear about all of your amazing achievements during this time. Can you believe it is almost half term? 

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!

Miss Kelly 

Daily Shout Out 20.05.20


Good evening Year 5! Wow, what a beautiful day it was today - what have you been upto?


Catriona travelled to Costa Rica and  enjoyed Gallo Pinto, Ella flew to Antarctica to research the animals that lived there, Bruno visited Mexico City for the amazing food, Noella went to Chicago, Peter was lucky enough to visit Tel Aviv and Jeruslaem and Alexi visited the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam in Holland. Did you know that I used to live in Amsterdam? My travel tip is to visit Our Lord in the Attic if you ever go. Research it, the story behind it is AMAZING!


Joseph and Fabio made chocolate chip cookies this week, I hope they have left some for me!


I am super excited about seeing some children in school tomorrow and we are going to make c=some candles for our video! If you can, email the office with your creations so tat we can include them in our video to celebrate our amazing school and all of the people in it!

Miss Kelly heart

Daily Shout Out 19.05.20


Good evening Year 5! Happy Tuesday!


I have really enjoyed reading the posters you have been making that celebrate how amazing you each are. Did you know that Catriona has passed her Grade 1 in the recorder or that if Luca B could choose a pet that it would be either a sausage dog or a pug? Noella would like to be a Teacher or Chef when she is older and Louie's dog Ralphy always tries to take his tennis ball. Keep up all of the hard work, you have been working so hard and I will continue to share some of the wonderful things that make you so unique.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Miss Kelly heart

Daily Shout Out 18.05.20


Good evening Year 5, have you all had a wonderful day in the sunshine? I hope you have been up to lots of fun things? It has been awesome to see what exciting things some of you have been up to.


Amelia went for a bike ride, Sienna has had her hair cut and is now a proud owner of 2 caterpillars named Frankie and Johnny! Peter loved his modal verbs home learning! I’m very proud of Louisa who kept her promise of performing a good deed this weekend; she helped prepare dinner and washed the dishes as well! Well done Louisa!


Your Mash cams have been excellent today and really made me smile seeing your smiling faces. Harry is proving a master of the Mash Cam competitions and flew to Paris, France today and the meal he served up was delicious! Keeva’s Mash Cam was also brilliant, flying to Phuket, Thailand where she visited Buddhist Temples and rode in a Tuk Tuk! Keep up the amazing work!

Home Learning w/c 18.05.20


Good morning Year 5,


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend? I cannot wait to hear all about what you have been upto. I have attached the Learning for this week and also the Italian work. There is another Mash Cam to complete so that I can see your lovely smiling faces, plus we have 5 HP's up for grabs for the best PSHE all about me Posters. You will need to fill the page with everything that celebrates how amazing you are and your achievements. Try to see if you can include things that I don't know about you! I cannot wait to see what fantastic things you produce!


Happy Monday and I cannot wait to hear your news!

Love Miss Kellyheart



Daily Shout Out 15.05.20


Good afternoon Year 5!


Happy Friday! I hope you are all having a wonderful day today. I am very excited that I managed to speak to some of you today that I wasn't able to last week. It was so wonderful to catch up with you and hear all of the news and amazing things that you have been up to! Your challenge this weekend is to do something really nice for someone in your household and to let me know what you did next week. There are 5 HP up for grabs!


This week, the 5HP for the Mash Cam Superheroes go to Peter and Liam. Both had really thought about their excellent names and wonderful super powers that helped and served the community - well done boys!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with your families.


Miss Kelly heart

Daily Shout Out 14.05.20


Good evening Year 5! How has your day been - lots of fun and interesting I hope?


I can see that many of you are doing really well with time conversions and timetables - do not be too disappointed if you didn't do too well the first time, you can try again and see if you can beat your score.


Sienna and Olivia have produced some excellent and thoughtful work on Pope Francis ( see below) and I have been really impressed with Rafael's Country Challenge. He is learning facts about 2 different European Countries a day ; amazing!




Have the best Friday!

Love Miss Kelly heart

Daily Shout Out 13.05.20


Good evening Year 5! I have had a great time looking at your Mash Cams ; I have to  say I am impressed with all of them but I loved the kind words of Peter's and the environmentally message from Liam!  Louie's was awesome about his healing powers, Celia was Shadow Superhero and Lianna and Sienna were invisible Superheroes, Maja was a protector, Olivia fought against Mr Evil Potato and Harry has been continuing his fight with recycling! I am very proud of you all, well done Noella for your great reading! 


Continue sending me what you are doing both to me and the office and we can display them on the page! Don't forget to visit Olaf and Bruno's LEGO page on Youtube - they have a new video and its awesome!


Miss Kelly heart


Daily Shout Out 12.05.20


Good evening Year 5! How was your day today? I was at school today with Oliver and other children from OLOL;  we had a great time! We created a handprint rainbow for the NHS , which we were very proud of and we also took inspiration from the Chicago Bulls documentary and played a basketball 3v3 competition. I also was very lucky to see Amelia's smiling happy face today which really made my day!


I have had some lovely messages today, Noella is doing brilliantly with ber reading with Dork Diaries, Catriona is being the best kitten owner to Willow, Eve has painted her nails blue and pink, Joseph has been making chocolate chip cookies, Sienna has been displaying her wonderful baking skills, I'm hoping Olivia is still eating ice creams with Tristan, Keeva sent me the BEST hugs and Ella, lovely wishes.


I really miss you all and cannot wait to hear all of your stories in person really soon!



PS - Don;t forget the online Mass tomorrow morning!!


For those looking for extra resources to support your child's learning, please see the link below which is excellent for Maths and English.






Daily Shout Out 11.05.20


Good Evening Year 5!


I'm sure all of you were up and ready at 7am this morning , excited about completing your Home Learning. Apologies, there appeared to be a technical hitch with the web page. I hope you have all managed to access the work.


The winner of last week's Mash Cam and 5HPs was Harry McManus ; you cannot beat an awesome picture and also a menu spoke in Italian! Well done Harry! Harry and his brother Joe have also been upcycling furniture over the weekend. Look how amsingly well they have done! 




Amelia has been making Apple Berry Crumble, Peter has loved the homework this week ( so proud of you Peter!). Eve has made a canopy out of her bed and is loving lockdown and Catriona has been taking an online Manga class. I had a lovely email from Olivia today and Celia's brother Stephen has had his birthday and she still has Easter Eggs! crying  I am so impressed with everything that you are all doing and I am learning so much from you all and what you are doing; You are all inspiring me to try new things so please carry on letting me know what you are doing as it is also giving me wonderful ideas to partake with Olly. 


If I didn't manage to get through to you on my calls last week; I will trying again this week to speak with you!

Lots of love,


Miss Kelly heart

Home Learning w/c 11/05/20


Good Morning Year 5!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine! It was wonderful to speak to you and your parents last week. For those who I didn't get through to, I will try again this week. 


I have attached the Home Learning or this week ; we have reverted to measures this week in maths, I hope this is nicer than the fraction work!


I look forward to hearing all about your weekend and what you have been up to.


Miss Kelly heart

Daily Shout Out 05.05.20


Good evening  Year 5 - Wow, I  rang some of you today and spoke to you, your parents or both of you . I cannot tell you how happy i was to hear your news, When we get back to school, we may need a whole week for you all you to tell us everything!


I was at OLOL today and it was so wonderful to see the adults and children. We were there today saying how we really really miss you all. We we were also given home made cakes courtesy of Harry and Joe which were delicious!


Fractions - I understand how difficult this has been; please do not stress. We will revisit this when we are back at school as it is very difficult to understand when Home learning.


Have a great Thursday! Miss Kelly





Daily Shout Out 05.05.20


Good evening Year 5! I hope you have all had the most wonderful Tuesday? It was great speaking to some of you today on the phone and finding out what you have been up to; it really brightened up my day to hear your voices and also to read the messages you have sent to me. I will continue calling each and every one of you throughout the week. Sienna has been working hard baking and Keeva has been planting Forget-me-nots - I cannot wait to see pictures! 


First of all, I would like to the announce the winner of The Highwayman Mash Cam competition. The princely sum of 5HP goes to ...... Joseph Deacon for not only his great photo but also his very witty accompanying Lockdown speech. There is strong competition this week in the Fairytale Mirror Mash Cam competition, especially from Harry! 


Zoe came up with a great question this week, asking 'If you had one wish, what would it be?' I would say my one wish now would be for us all to be back in class again very soon and swapping our stories. What would yours be? Catriona told me all about the amazing nature walk she has ever had.


I look forward to speaking to some of you tomorrow! Keep smiling!


Miss Kelly  heart



Daily Shout Out 04.5.20


Good evening Year 5,

For all of the Star Wars fans out there .....May the 4th be with you! I hope you have all had a wonderful day!


I had the great pleasure of being able to speak to some of you today which made me so so happy! To hear your news and cheery voices made me really want to get back to school as soon as possible! I will be ringing you all this week to check in and say hello and hopefully hear some of your news! I really love your Fairy Tale Mash Cams, they have really made me laugh today. Did you manage to watch the video from the staff at OLOL; We really miss you!


I know fractions are very difficult so I will be uploading some videos to also help you with your earning.  

Miss Kelly wink

Good Morning Year 5 - I hope you all had the most wonderful weekend and enjoyed the video we released on Saturday telling you how much we really miss you all!


I have attached the weekly schedule for this week's learning and check in later today for the results of the Highwayman's Mash Cam.  I have created a new one for this week; a fairy tale mirror - if you had one wish, what would it be? I am really loking forward to all of your news!


Miss Kelly heart

Daily Shout Out 30.04.20

Good Evening Year  5 , how has your day been? I have been extremely busy today. 

Today I have travelled to Japan, home of Pokemon courtesy of Olaf, been surfing in Hawaii with Keeva (we bumped into Catriona and said ahola!), eaten Bison soup with Sienna in Canada, spoken Greek with Eve in Santorini , snorkelled in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia with Olivia and travelled in a yellow taxi with Celia in New York!


Phew, I am exhausted!!


Olaf sent me the link to the awesome Lego animation work that he has been doing with Bruno and Bella. My favourite's are The Live Aid and Hound Dog videos. Which is your favourite and why?  2HP


Do not forget Pyjamarama tomorrow - I look forward to hearing about what books you have read!


Miss Kelly heart


Daily Shout Out 29.04.20


Good evening Year 5! Good news!! Whilst in Sainsburys today, ( responsibly social distancing) I found some Easter Eggs... on SALE!! It was a tough choice between a chicken dinner or chocolate eggs but I can confirm that Olly and I have tucked into a delicious meal of the cocoa flavoured variety; Munchies egg for Olly and I went for the Heroes. You will see from the photo (below)  that Olly has less hair than normal as he shaved his hair for the NHS! heart


I have been very impressed with some of your work on germination; some examples of this work are currently on Twitter. Also, I am very very impressed that Janae is taking her Science work to a practical level by growing sunflowers and Bruno has also been planting seeds. 2HP's to you both! Remember , if you have anything you would like to share on the class page, email the office and I will ensure I will share it. 


Eve has been extremely busy practising her hurling and piano, ( both of which I cannot wait to see) Amelia showed me one of the very many drawings that she has been doing  and Celia is my hero for being the no.1 bookworm this week! Olivia has also been practising for The Great British Bake Off, spending her time making cupcakes and cookies and has promised to bring some in for when we return to school - wahoo!


I loved Maja's Highwayman and Sienna's pic. I will create a Rogues Gallery for Friday and announce the winner of the 5HP then!




In other news


We have the author Luke Temple provide some free resources and competitions that you may enjoy. The book and activity pack can be downloaded from


Do not forget Pyjamarama on Friday 1st May - the link below will take you to the schedule for the day.


Have the best Thursday! I miss you all very much and cannot wait to see those smiling faces again! 


Miss Kelly x


Daily Shout Out 28.04.20


Good evening Year 5! What have you all been doing with the rain falling today? I have had the most fun today looking at your brilliant Highwayman photos and also reading your travel research and recommendations; so far, I am planning on visiting Italy, Mexico, Lake Garda, Crete, Portugal,Galicia and Cupcake Land. I do hope Mrs Hood is going to give me the time off to do this! wink.


Rafael recommended Portugal and gave me some excellent tips, Alexandra reminded me of the wonderful climate and food in Crete, Bruno told me that Mexico has 68 different languages spoken in the country, Harry told me about Monkey Island in Galicia, Alexi recomended the Trevi fountain in Italy and Fabio told me all about the amazing food in Lake Garda! If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Star of the Day is Joseph! Not only has he learned to say 'Hello' in 10 different languages, sent me a message in French and set me a riddle.... which I solved! 2HP


I have attached a Power Point to help you with the Improper Fractions work and some photos from today!


Missing you all! Miss Kelly heart



PS - Sad news today, We have officially run out of Easter Eggs! sad





Why not get involved in Pyjamarama this Friday 1st May? This exciting day is an excuse for us to stay in our pyjamas, enjoy reading together and participate in a festival of story-filled fun at home! 

There will be lots of exciting activities and events for children to take part in. Take a look at the Book Trust website for more information... 

Improper fractions and Mixed numbers PP

Daily Shout Out 27.04.20


Good Evening Year 5! How has your day been? I have had the best day looking at your Highwayman uploads! I have posted some today of Catriona and Rafael. Keep them coming , there are many contenders for the 5HP's. They are just brilliant! I have loved your messages today; they have really made me smile. Very exciting news in Alexandra's house..... they have a new puppy called Rico!!! She has also been able to fit in bike rides, Monopoly and cooking Chicken Soup! Well Done Alexandra - 2HP! Harry has been helping his Dad with DIY today (see photo).


You have no idea how very proud am I of you all for all of the new skills that you have been learning and also how you  have been helping your parents!


In other news, Olly and I are running low on Easter Eggs.... we are sending an SOS!


I can't wait to hear your news tomorrow - sending you lots of hugs


Miss Kelly heart



Week beginning Monday 27th April 2020

Happy Monday Year 5!


I hope you had the most wonderful weekend - please let me know what exciting ( or not so exciting things you have been up to). Olly and I went on a mega bike ride at the weekend. It's great to hear Fabio enjoying reading Harry Potter and Liam has been doing lots of great things, especially helping make lunch for his family and making slime. I can't wait to see that!


I have attached the learning for this week, keep checking in as I may decide to add some challenges for you to complete!


Have a wonderful day! I am missing you all so much and cannot wait to see you!


Miss Kelly heart

Ella's Story

Daily Shout Out  23.4.20


Good evening Year 5!


I hope you have all been enjoying the wonderful sunshine today? Olly challenged me to a crossbar challenge today.... I lost sad but I am intending on practising to beat him next time! It has been a great day again reading your wonderful messages and looking through your amazing work. Olaf, I will definitely be watching your  Detective Pikachu film recommendation and Amelia, I am delighted to hear that you still have lots of chocolate left over; I hope you are saving some and willing to share when you come back to school! I am sure we would also love to see some of the drawings that you have been doing! Janae, Olivia, Celia and Sienna – well done on your scores on the Countries and Continent quizyes


Lots of you have completed the grammar work on commas in really quick time and with great accuracy – well done!


I have attached Ella's excellent piece of story writing for you all to enjoy! Remember to share any great things that you have been upto!


Miss Kelly x



Daily Shout Out  22.4.20


Good Evening Year 5!


What have you been up to? I have been really busy today reading all of your amazing book and film reviews and looking on in  awe of your knowledge of Countries and Continents work!


Sienna, I loved reading your review of the Truth Pixie; you have introduced me to something new and now I have to read it!  Louisa, your film rreview ?was excellent, although I do feel a little scared to watch the film now :-|. Maja, your review on Black Beauty was superb: there were so many beautiful and sad parts of the book. Peter, Olly agrees with you on your book review of The Last Kid on Earth and Rafael, thank you for your lovely message today; I can't wait to debate about what tube line is the best when we see each other again; I have some more reasons for the Victoria Line!

To all of you that have managed to do the MyMaths so far, well done on the fraction work; I know it can be quite difficult!


I hope you all have the best Thursday and congratulations for being so awesome this week!

Miss Kelly x



Daily Shout Out  21.4.20


Good evening Year 5,


How has your day been? I have had great fun today reading your messages and your book and film reviews. 

Bruno and Nevin, I really enjoyed reading your Sonic the Hedgehog film reviews and Ella, I am so happy to hear that you have kept up with your reading  of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone and Eve, I look forward to hearing about more of the stories that you have been reading form the Hans Christensen chronicles. Joseph, I am extremely impressed with your review and your message re; Ruby. smiley


Catriona has been extremely busy (we may have a Spielberg in our midst) and made a video that she has very kindly let me share. Do you have any pictures or videos of what you have been upto? Click on the link beow to see Catriona's masterpiece


Lastly, I have uploaded the Italian work for this week and also the spellings for this half term!!


Take care and keep safe and I look forward to hearing what you have all been up to x









FAO: Parents - Update to all early years, children’s social care, schools and further education providers




Daily Shout Out  20.4.20


Good Evening Year 5! I hope you have all had an awesome day - lots of you have been engaged with your online learning today and I am mightily impressed. Take a bow! Can I wish a very Happy Belated Birthday to Bruno and Olaf ; I hope you both had a fantastic day celebrating. 


Some of you have written some excellent Book and Film reviews. Keeva, I have watched WALL-E and it is excellent, as was your review. Rafael, you chose well in watching Return of the Jedi and Celia, I am going to read your recommendation of ‘Listen to the Moon’ by Michael Morpurgo. Zoe, you are reading a fantastic book in 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'  -I am so glad that you are enjoying it!


Catriona, it's wonderful to hear how much cooking and baking you have been doing, I bet Mum and Dad have their feet up now! Next stop, Junior Master Chef?  Lockdown Luca B, I am so happy that you are continuing to enjoy quality time with your family and I bet that Gabby is extremely happy that she is no longer the recipient of your 'tickets!'


Today, we have made these out of toilet rolls - can you create your own one?



If you are doing any  lovely activities at home with your families, please tweet us @ololn11 with your pictures so that we can share these.


Take care - Miss Kelly x

Ruby has begun her online learning already!

Ruby has begun her online learning already! 1

Good Morning you awesome Year 5's and welcome to the Summer Term!! I hope you all have had the most wonderful Easter with your families; I miss you all so much and I cannot wait to have you all being far too loud in the classroom. I cannot wait to start Joe Wicks again as I seem to have consumed too many Easter Eggs!  In the meantime, I have attached a video of some of the challenges Olly and I have been up to over the Easter period - I would love to hear what each and every one of you have been up to! 


I've also attached the some work for this week. In Maths, we are beginning our fractions work, in Geography, Countries in the world (I shall be setting a Country flag competition at the end of the topic so get revising) and in  Science, life cycles of plants and animals. 


Try your best in everything and let me know how you are feeling and what you have been doing;  Feel free to challenge me to something that you have done over the Easter Holidays!


Miss Kelly x




Still image for this video

Happy Easter


To dear Year 5,


I wanted to wish you all the most wonderful Easter with your families. I have been so proud of hearing what you have been up to, what new skills you have learned and the funny stories you have sent me. As a reward, there is no homework for the 2 week period - Wahoo!


Online learning will be back on Monday 20th April 2020 and I cannot wait to hear what you have all been doing. Until then, look after yourselves and each other - love Miss Kelly x


I spoke with Fr David and Fr Andrew today and they said that they would LOVE for you to join in online to watch the Mass at 10am on Friday on  and would welcome any feedback on Maybe drop them a note to tell them what class you are in and what you have been up to or feel free to ask them a question as they are also missing seeing everyone and were very proud of you all when I spoke with them.


I look forward to hearing what you have been up to today and well done - almost the Easter holidays!


Daily Shout Out Day 2.04.20


Good evening Year 5!


Wow, I have been following some of the tweets on @ololn11 and I am very impressed with the drawings that Olaf and Bruno have drawn!  I have been at school today - we made home made quoits out of empty toilet rolls; have you created any games whilst you have been at home?


Janae, I  particularly loved your Cinquain on kites yes Olivia, I am so glad that the cake was lovely but also a little jealous that I didn't get to taste it; I am also very impressed that you are using your knowledge of fractions to decipher the 1/3 of Joe Wicks participants wink Fabio, I am very happy that you and Dante are enjoying your ice creams, what flavour did you eat?


Well done to all of you that have logged onto TT RockStars and helped our class. 


Come on Year 5 - let's see if we can move up the leader board tomorrow - I know how amazing you are at your times tables!!

We need a big push now - house points for those who help the class move up on the leader board! cheeky

Daily Shout Out Day 1.04.20

Good evening Year 5!!


May I begin by wishing Louisa ( and sister Natalie ) a very Happy Birthday. I hope you both had a wonderful day. I am so impressed by all of your continued hard work in completing your tasks and also your humour and love in the messages that you have left me. I am so happy that in the absence of seeing your smiling faces, I am still able to hear all of your news. 


  • Zoe, you are doing a great job with TT RockStars - number 1 in the class at the moment - well done
  • Olaf, your work on Cities was excellent and I cannot wait to see your new volleying skills when you are back at school.
  • Peter, thank you for your messages, you made me laugh out loud. Oliver, Ruby and I are doing very well but I am really missing  see you all.
  •  Eve, I really miss seeing you all, thank you for your messages and your emojis - They have really made me smile.
  • Noella, I was super impressed with your Cinquain work - well done
  • Luca U - your drawings are fantastic - I hope you are saving some for my wall.


Have a wonderful Thursday and I look forward to speaking to you all tomorrow x

Updated TT Rock Stars Stats


Year 5 - I assume you have had a day of sleeping today? I need you more than ever now! Year 6 and Year 4 are the early leaders!


TT Rock Stars Competition - We can do this!

Daily Shout Out Day 30.03.20

 Good Evening Year 5!!

How has your day been? I am pumped about the TTRS competition and I know you will all rise to the challenge and do your very best to regain our crown as the best class at times tables. I have had the BEST messages today, I'm not sure if Harry's account has been hacked or whether he has finally seen sense but he sent me a message saying Liverpool were the best - thank you Harry, have a couple of HP's for having excellent taste! I have lots of shout outs today as the messages I received today were fantastic!


  • Bruno - Olly is following a 30min You Tube boxing video everyday and learning to hit the punch bag more and the air less! I'm so delighted that you are practising so much with your football skills; I cannot wait to see you play next.
  • Lianna - Wow! You have learned to say 'Hello' in  5 different languages - Can anyone try this challenge? I'm also very impressed the Evangelou family have been doing T25; this is very very hard!
  • Sienna - Well done for cooking for the family and 
  • Alexi and Joseph - thank you for your concern on Liverpool and the Premier League - the trophy is still heading to Anfield
  • Louisa - Happy Birthday for 1st April - I wish you and Natalie the best of days
  • Olivia - your baking seems to be going amazingly well! I have taken your guidance and Olly and I made banana bread AND Lemon drizzle cake today - thank you for the inspiration!
  • Keeva - when we get back to school, I will shine your shoes !wink



Thinking of you all and very proud that you are doing wonderful things for yourselves and your family and learning new things!

Have the most brilliant Wednesday and don't forget how great we are at TTRS!! x


TT Rock Stars Competition


Year 5! The competition is ON! Please see the poster attached for the competition between all classes running from Tuesday 31.03.20 - Friday 03.04.20. Please log on and play any format but remember it will be based on number of correct questions. Try your very best for Year 5; you did amazingly well last time, however Year 2, 3, 4 and 6 are in and ready to take you on. Year 4 are currently top of the school with their Rockstar stats and so they are the class to beat.......over to you  champs- Good Luck


Daily Shout Out Day 30.03.20


Good Evening Year 5!!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Great news here, Olly and I both managed to connect with the punch bag this weekend , so it shows that with lots of practice in anything you do does work! We have also been on google 3D images and we found a penguin in our house surprise


I am so impressed with, not only the dedication to your work but also the fun and interesting messages you have sent me. I have loved reading every single one!  I am super impressed with Catriona's Granny and her foray into  jazzy technology - congratulations Granny Mitchell! Amelia, in answer to your question of Meatballs; Lemon Drizzle cake or Apple Berry Crumble, it's a very hard choice but I am going to go with the crumble yes.  Olaf, I agree, the guy in the video was funny! Luca Boffa, you win the internet today with your pillow hugging and 6 Purple Mash potatoes! 


Exciting news is coming about a TT Rockstars challenge that begins on Tuesday 31//03/20 - keep checking!

Year 5, your teacher needs you!



Daily Shout Out Day 4 26.03.20

Good evening Year 5!

I hope you all have had an awesome day? Have you thought about learning a new skill? Oliver and I have decided to learn a new skill.... boxing; As my garden fence will testify to, we haven't done too well today in connecting with the boxing bag frown. However, it is only day 1 and we shall overcome!


I have been following all of the excellent work and activities that have been posted on the school twitter account, especially footage of the wonderful applause and appreciation for all of the utterly amazing people who are helping us so much at this moment. It makes me unbelievably happy that you are all part of, not just a wonderful school community but also the wider community and you should be incredibly proud of your contribution; continue to show kindness every day.


For parents, we have a free resource that you might find helpful which you can gain unlimited access to  via this link:


As always, I am cheered by your wonderful messages but I would especially love to mention both Ella and Olivia's message to me which have kept me in fits of laughter.  Olivia, I hope you are looking after Mum and Dad after the Joe Wicks workouts and not tormenting Tristan too much and Ella, your concern for my lack of food intake cannot be underestimated; I fear food fatigue made me miss many a shot at the boxing bag today. I shall ensure the fruit and vegetables are in abundance tomorrow!


Have the most wonderful Friday . YNWA! heart


Daily Shout Out Day 3 25.03.20


Good evening Year 5!


I hope you have all had a wonderful day today and managed to enjoy the sunshine! I have been experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. I miss you all very much, especially seeing you all and hearing your stories. However, I love reading your messages that you have sent and hope that you have received mine back. 


I was at school today and I have to let you all know how amazing Joseph 'Deacon of Light' was today with the younger children on the Easter Egg Hunt as the eggs he found he left for the younger children to find. I am very proud of him as I am of all of you for being so wonderfully engaged with what you have all been doing this week. Bruno's poem about Toasties made me feel very hungry as did Fabio's poem about his Mum's pie; although I may need to drink water whilst eating it! Amelia also told me how much fun she was having with Adam on the trampoline and Keeva told me how much she loves spending time with Fallon and her homework!


Carry on being the best you can be and I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow!  Take Care, Miss Kelly

Daily Shout Out Day 2  24.03.20


Good Evening Year 5! 


I hope you are all keeping well. Thank you for your messages on Purple Mash which have kept me informed of all you have been up to and kept me entertained (mostly, Alexi laugh). Your performance poems that you have written are just amazing - we have future Poet Laureates! I hope you are all finding lots of things to keep you busy. House Points have been allocated as promised.


Think about a way you might be able to help your parents around the house tomorrow or learn a new skill; I would love to hear what you have done! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Miss Kelly angel

Daily Shout Out - Day 1  23.03.20


Good evening Year 5 pupils and parents!

I've seen how many of you have been working hard today - well done! Some of your messages have been wonderful and I am happy that you are all in good spirits! House Points have been awarded as promised for the completed work and messages! Take care, Miss Kelly

Year 5 !


Year 5 - where are you? I miss you already! I hope you are all spending as much quality time as possible with your family during this time and remembering how important it is to look after one another. 


I understand that it must be very important for you all to keep in touch with each other and that X Boxes / Play Stations / PCs / Switches are all a way to do this, HOWEVER, your education and your parent's sanity is of the utmost importance so please please ensure that you are keeping up with your school work, in particular reading and practising your times tables!


I have attached a schedule for the next week as will as the links  ( under Useful Links) to complete  work. I will ask you you to particularly complete the Purple Mash / Mymaths activities so that we can keep in touch. It would be so great to read your messages and I promise that I will leave you a message back ( via voice not or message - I would prefer not to receive the anti -Liverpool ones). 


I will update the website everyday and give a special mention to the 2 children who send me the most interesting Purple Mash messages and also award 1 HP to those who complete very piece of work and 2HP each for those who give me the most interesting stories.


if you have any issues with the home learning or have any questions, please do let the office know and I will call you back, 

I hope that you and your families are safe and looking after each other best you can at this time. Please do check in everyday so that our children are up to date with everything and each other. 







9am – PE Workout with Joe Wicks


9am – PE Workout with Joe Wicks


9am – PE Workout with Joe Wicks


9am – PE Workout with Joe Wicks


9am – PE Workout with Joe Wicks


15mins TT Rockstars


Challenge yourselves and friends –check in daily and  look out for Competitions

15mins TT Rockstars


Challenge yourselves and friends –check in daily and  look out for Competitions


15mins TT Rockstars


Challenge yourselves and friends –check in daily and  look out for Competitions

15mins TT Rockstars


Challenge yourselves and friends –check in daily and  look out for Competitions

15mins TT Rockstars


Challenge yourselves and friends –check in daily and  look out for Competitions

Watch daily news on Expresso

Watch daily news on Expresso


Watch daily news on Expresso


Watch daily news on Expresso


Watch daily news on Expresso


Bug Club – Daily reading / comprehension


Bug Club – Daily reading / comprehension


Bug Club – Daily reading / comprehension


Bug Club – Daily reading / comprehension


Bug Club – Daily reading / comprehension

Grammar Activity – Adjectives, Nouns, adverbs Recap


Complete task set


Complete task set


Complete task set


Complete task set

Science – Compare materials


Weekly work





Computing – Internet Safety


Weekly work





Topic – Geography – complete the symbols quiz


Weekly Work







Create a performance poem in the style of Michael Rosen!

Remember Chocolate Cake Mmmmmmm!









Just so you know, I have set Oliver an area and perimeter task for redesigning his bedroom so I challenge you all to do the following:


  • Read for 30 mins a day - you and your parents will benefit
  • Look up and find a Pen Pal from a different country 
  • Use your knowledge of Morse Code to send messages to people 
  • Have a Bake Off Competition - Olly beat me in the omelette competition so I need to do better!
  • Call or speak to an older relative or friend and find out an interesting fact
  • Learn 3 riddles to tell me
  • Learn how to say hello in 10 different languages - I will beat you!
  • BE KIND - The most important thing that you can do is be kind to as many people as possible - I cannot wait to hear all about what you have done for people. 5HP for really amazing acts of kindness!!!


I cannot wait to see you all and find out what you have been up to,  however, until then, I wish you and your families a safe time together 


Miss Kelly



Year 5 Photos

Year 5 Photos 1
Year 5 Photos 2
Year 5 Photos 3
Year 5 Photos 4




Class Teacher: Miss Kelly

LSA: Mrs McDonagh

LSA: Mrs Cela


Welcome to Year 5! We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break and are ready for a busy term ahead! 


Spring Term Topic:

Year 5's topic this term is Heroes and Villans. Most of our learning will be thematic and cross-curricular where possible and in the Spring letter attached, I have detailed what we will be studying in each subject area.




English homework ( Comprehension and Grammar) given on Monday - due Wednesday

Maths homework ( Consolidation of week's learning) given on Wednesday - due Friday

RE/Creative/Other homework given on Friday - due the following Monday unless advised otherwise.


Please continue to practise spellings and times tables regularly and try to listen to your child read.


Miss Kelly



Key dates for the diary

Ukulele lessons on Fridays

PE on Thursdays

Swimming on Wednesdays


Information for parents