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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 



Mrs Hutton

Mrs McDonagh

Mrs Cela


Welcome to a new school year - it has been great to see you all back in class. This term we shall be learning about Volcanoes and the Circulatory System as well as continuing to develop our writing and maths skills.

 Reading: Please have a reading book in school at all times - this can either be one from home that you keep in school until you have finished it or one you borrow from the class or school library.


Homework will be set on line, either through systems used during lock down or through teams (more information will be sent out soon in relation to log in details etc). Homework tasks will be listed  here on our class page.


Click on the link below for more information on how to log into office and teams



Monday 12th October - grammar task set on purple mash - use of punctuation

                                         Learn week 6 spellings for a test on Friday


Wednesday 14th October - maths work set on Purple Mash (squared and cubed numbers or multiples)


Friday 16th October - RE - Year of the Word - work set on teams - favourite quotations from the bible


Monday 19th October - Spellings - the test on Friday will be 20 spellings taken from the previous lists. Your task this week is to revise all the spellings we have done so far - you never know which ones will be included on Friday!


Wednesday 21st October - Maths - fraction questions on teams. 


Friday 23rd October - Have a wonderful half term! Maths homework is set on teams - written calculation practice. Write your answers on a piece of paper and upload an image onto team. The comprehension text is a series of emails, again set on teams - include as much detail as you can in your answers.


Wednesday 4th November - maths on espresso - adding and subtracting fractions/ordering fractions

Most of you to click on the link below and complete the quiz


However - if you are feeling that you need a bit more practice at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, use the links below


Friday 6th November - Science classification - create a fact file / powerpoint explaining what you already know about classification. Details on teams.


School Council elections - presentations and election to take place on Tuesday 10th!


Monday 9th November - learn spellings for test on Friday - Autumn B week 2

                                               Spend at least 15 mins each day this week on times table rock stars to boost our class score in                                                 the national competition


Wednesday 11th November - science quiz on teams


Friday 13th November - mymaths. When multiplying fractions by fractions, multiply the numerators together, then the denominators and then simplify


Wednesday 18th November - Comprehension task set on TEAMs. 

Don't forget to continue to learn your spellings for a test on Friday


Friday 20th November - RE Advent prayer - set on TEAMs


Monday 23rd November  - English - Grammar

Most of the class - Active and passive voice practice. Discovery Education Espresso - Sentence

Click on the link for espresso (KS2 - English - Grammar - sentences) and scroll down to find the active and passive voice work. Watch the video and complete the quizzes and activities

For those who completed the work on pronouns Discovery Education Espresso - Text

Click on the link for espresso (KS2 - English - Grammar - text) and scroll down to find the work on using pronouns and nouns to avoid repetition. 

Watch the video and complete the quizzes and activities


Wednesday 25th November - English - writing set on TEAMs. Summarising a text and writing an information paragraph. 


Friday 27th November - Maths - decimal numbers. Work set on Mymaths and on TEAMs


Monday 30th November - English - grammar set on purple mash.


Wednesday 2nd December - learn words for Christmas songs - found on TEAMs in the files section


Friday 4th December - Science research set on TEAMs - research microorganisms - more information found on your assignment set on TEAMs


Monday 14th December - maths set on mymaths - practice of learning from last week, changing fractions to decimals


Homelearning websites

Bug club


My Maths


Timestable rock stars


Purple Mash







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